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Gift of Life - A Review

By spadmin12
On 28 May 2015

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Except for the style of stories interspersed with a recipe or vice versa, nothing in the way Dayeeta Roy writes “The Gift of Life” is like “Trail of Crumbs” written by Kim Sunee. The latter had a novel with recipes between chapters in various places, sometime without purpose... more

Creative Tales From SP

By spadmin12
On 04 April 2015

1 Comment
By Social Potpourrians We had invited our members to the weekend story writing challenge last week and look what we found! (Creativity at its best :) 'We have here some keys to unknown doors; we want you to tell us the kind of doors you would like to open with these keys..... more

Peeling The Onion

By spadmin12
On 09 March 2015

We all have multiple layers to our personalities and we do hold our thoughts and feelings close to our hearts. But do we need someone who cares enough, to peel back a layer at a time to reveal our hidden emotions? I think we do. But what happens when the layers are peeled and what is revealed..... more
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