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Teekhii Chhurii - A Thursday Business Feature
Posted By spadmin12 , On 13 February 2014

I am a self-taught paper artist and entrepreneur who believes “In life and in Paper cutting, everything is connected. One story leads to another.”` Pooja Ajmera, founder Teekhii Chhurii

What do you do when you have a single sheet of paper, a sharp blade, lots of patience and love for the craft? No idea? Our business feature of this week had an “Aha moment”, and decided to make papercuts and paper silhouettes out of these. That’s how Teekhii Chhurii was created by Pooja Ajmera.

Creation of Teekhii Chhurii

Teekhii Chhurii formally came into existence in January 2013, but Pooja has been making papercuts since 2012. When we enquired about the meaning of Teekhii Chhurii, Pooja had a sharp reply ready, “Teekhii Chhurii means Sharp knife. Since I use a very sharp knife for cutting the paper, the name is apt for my brand. It also has a naughty connotation associated with the name and hence it very catchy and people relate to it easily.”


Pooja started her venture purely out of her passion for paper cutting, as she could relate to this art form and it gives her satisfaction. She is trying to revive the dying art form of India, called Sanjhi and she aims to take paper cutting to the level of contemporary art.

Challenges faced

I am sure everyone who starts something new goes through lots of ups and downs and I am no different. As I had no mentor or guide to help me, the journey was full of struggles, where I had to take a decision and find my own path. But overall, it was a very good learning process and I can proudly say what I am is all because of the hard work I have put in.


“As there are very few people who practice this art form, there is hardly any competition. The USP of Teekhii Chhurii is giving the kind of experience which the art owners will cherish for their lifetime.

My papercuts are original, designed, and painstakingly hand cut by me. The cutting process requires enormous skill, concentration and patience. They are not machine made, not a painting or drawing but are 100% handmade, hence no two are ever the same!”

What are some of the projects you have worked on?

I have worked on lots of projects and assignments. It has been just more than a year; but the variety of work I have done makes my job worthwhile. Personalized papercuts are my favorite as I love interacting with my clients and all of them have a different story to share. I love it when they share all small details and little secrets with me. It is one of a kind artwork, which can never be repeated as each person is different from another and so is the story that they have to share with me.

Teekhii Chhurii's journey so far.

According to Pooja, It has just been a year and so far it has been a rollercoaster ride, with a lot of ups and downs. Each day she gets up and motivates herself to do something awesome.

“My forte is creating personalized paper cuts. I give my clients an experience, which they like and that keeps me ahead of others.”

What advice would you like to give to Startups?

I would say, dare to dream and if you are passionate about something go for it. But at the same time, there are no alternatives to hard work, so practice and practice and success will touch your feet sooner or later.

Exciting project

Pooja has just made a papercut for MTV to promote their new channel which they will be launching very soon.

Social Potpourri wishes Pooja and her venture Teekhii Chhurii the very best and hopes to see more of her papercuts and paper silhouettes and the revival of this dying art form, Sanjhi. Onward Ho Teekhii Chhurii!

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Posted By clayingthoughts,    Posted On 2014-02-27
Cheers Teekhii Chhurii :)
 #2 Comment
Posted By Sulekha,    Posted On 2014-02-13
Like the name Teekhii Chhurii :) It looks so intricate and delicate, wish i could be so creative.
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