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Welcome Social Potpourrian!

You and I are both part of this bunch of potpourri,yet you are as distinct as I am.We are unique part of this whole. I will leave a mark here of my uniqueness and would celebrate with merging of yours.

Congratulations to us all!

We launched our second book, Social Potpourri – An Anthology II, on 11 October 2014, at the India Habit...more

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  • Utpatang -For a Crazy Few

    By spadmin12 on 28 January 2016 / 0 Comment
  • Bookworm We are for those who wake up everyday and give their best at their respective work places. We are for startups, entrepreneurs and anyone who needs to be inspired in a fun way. We just make sure to make your work place a little more exciting and engaging. ..... more
  • Far from the madding crowd...

    By spadmin12 on 17 January 2016 / 3 Comments
  • Bookworm For us city slickers, used to hectic holidays crammed with lists of things to do, places to visit, suddenly it dawned upon us that there was no fixed agenda on our plates. We were informed that we were going for evening tea to ... ..... more
  • TeaTime in Dubai

    By spadmin12 on 30 November 2015 / 2 Comments
  • Bookworm I love the companionship that tea provides whether in solitude or with friends. Both in the virtual and real world I have bonded over tea with friends, family and via Social Potpourri with all of you. There is nothing more delightful than to sit and chat over cups of tea. This Tuesday Sukanya Bidapp..... more

Social Potpourri Benefits

  • Close knit family - your personal haven.
  • Networking with people merely apart by six degrees of separation.
  • Only place to create your event of choice and meet like minded people.
  • Personal attention given to each member's needs and requirements.

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    I started to write on Inclusion and managed to get.....
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