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You and I are both part of this bunch of potpourri,yet you are as distinct as I am.We are unique part of this whole. I will leave a mark here of my uniqueness and would celebrate with merging of yours.
Social Potpourri is the conglomeration of society in its true form; a place wherein we appreciate and enjoy each others opinions, stories, and lives. We understand and correct each othe...more

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  • Caged

    By spadmin12 on 22 July 2014 / 7 Comments
  • Bookworm "Did I switch off the gas?" "Did I forget to lock the doors?" A cold wave slaps my face; just as your hands, coarse and hard, so often...so strongly came on my cheek; bringing me to reality. I push these mundane thoughts out of my head and bow my head respectfully in your remembrance...... more
  • An Enlightening Experience

    By spadmin12 on 17 July 2014 / 7 Comments
  • Bookworm Life bestows the privilege of being able to give back to the community, only to a few lucky ones and I am one such person. I realized it when I visited a school in North India, during my vacations...... more
  • Work And Spirituality

    By spadmin12 on 14 July 2014 / 10 Comments
  • Bookworm “It is the spirit or consciousness in which the work is done that matters most; the outer form can vary greatly for different natures” (p. 671). Sri Aurobindo speaks of this truth in his letters on Sadhana of Works (Karmayoga), emphasizing that all work is ultimately Divine’s work and all work is ..... more

Social Potpourri Benefits

  • Close knit family - your personal haven.
  • Networking with people merely apart by six degrees of separation.
  • Only place to create your event of choice and meet like minded people.
  • Personal attention given to each member's needs and requirements.

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